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Hi guys,

On October 5 the layout of my site changed but the URL remained the same, also some pages disappeared, some were added and some others were integrated on a single URL, the thing is that from the moment that we did that change on the site we experienced a decrease on visits of over 100% and on the pages report some of the old pages still appear and register visits but when I try to go to these pages it only appear a 404 error showing that it doesn´t exist anymore.

I know that there is a problem with the tracking of my page, but I´m not sure what to do to solve it. It is related with some tracking code? Or should we add the new pages that we want to track and erase the old ones?

Any help is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi NeftaliLevi​,

You would first need to check if Analytics Server calls are firing from the page or not.

If the calls are firing, then we need to for the issue in hit due to which it might be discarded at Adobe's server or not at all reaching them.

If the calls are not firing, a review of implementation needs to be done on the Page.

If you can DM me a sample Page URL for which the data is not showing up, I can have a quick look.

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