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identifying customers for marketing campaigns?


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Here is the business case, if the customer clicks the campaigns through a paid search/social/affiliates etc. and lands on AA website and data reports in "AA-report-suite" then user clicks on CTA button or links from AA website then customer goes to BB website which data sits in BB-report-suite. how we can recognise the users are clicked through campaigns in BB-report suite?

your insights much appreciated, thanks.

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It might not be the best possible option, but we can extract raw data for the traffic in AA report suite with the visit referrer. Thereafter, the raw data can be extracted from the traffic in BB report suite with the visit referrer column. And correlate data from AA report suite and BB report suite to get some details. Another option would be to go the VISTA rule route and discuss the possibility with the Adobe's Engineering Services team (via your CSM).



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For multi-brand/multi-site, I always prefer use of single report suite and use virtual report suite for each brand/site for everyday reporting 

(If this not possible) other option is rollup report-suite where you can add a new report suite to both of the implementation