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How to verify if server side tracking exists on my webpage?


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We have two products that provide the same downloadable content. The content is just accessed differently. 


We have the server-side tracking enabled on Product A but we are unsure if that exists for Product B (however we have the standard tracking enabled for Product B ex. click tracking using Launch). 


We want to verify if the content in Product B is also being tracked using server-side tracking so as to not double-count the content downloads. 


I have used F12 -> Network Tab -> filter by "b/ss" and see the responses tab -  but all are either:





Any help is appreciated. 

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I believe it will show up if you filter for "edge"? I am not yet using server side tracking, but the Adobe Store is (and I can see their calls using that filter)


However, I am not sure if that would come back differently if there is a first party server setup, so maybe look for "/ee/" or "configId="....


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Omnibug works as well (Filter for Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK)