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how to co-related link clicks data (activity map) with path views (next page flows)


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I am unable understand how to co-relate the link click information ( activity map) with the next page flows information.

Senerio :

Page 1 has a link "A" with 30% clicks ( per activity Map) which would take me to page 2  for month of Oct. I am trying to relate this information with next page flow information and noticed that the highest path views from Page 1 are to Page 4.

Page 1 ( 30% clicks)  ---> Page 1  { as per Activity Map}

Page 1                      ----> page 4 { has highest path views as per next page flow }


I tried to put across my question in more layman terms, hopefully its not confusing.

Guys any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in Advance.




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