How much time before getting eVar/props results on Workspace



Hello Adobe Community !

I have a question on the amount of time it takes before we can get values for a evar or prop on workspace ?

For exemple, if I'm doing some tests on an eVar, how much time it will tipically take before getting the value on the workspace ?

I know that (and correct me if i'm wrong) DTM stagging rules do take effect instantaneously, DTM published rules take like 1 hour and Adobe Analytics Classifications take 24hours - but I don't know nothing on evars and props in the report suites.

Cheers !


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Mario,

Generally, data collected to the servers for a variable (prop or evar) can take up to 90 minutes to appear in reporting - both Reports & Analytics and Analysis Workspace. Each data collection server captures and processes raw analytics data, and then uploads batched data on an hourly basis for reporting. The transfer process typically takes 30 minutes, so normal latency for traffic that occurs directly after the previous upload process completes is around 90 minutes (60 minutes until the next batch upload occurs, then 30 minutes for file transfer and display).

However, you can view the same reports in Reports & Analytics (by selecting "Yes" in Include Current data option) and that would give the latest Analytics data for prop or eVar, often before data is fully processed. You could take a look at this doc: Current Data for normal latency on Current data.

Hope this helps.