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Get access to Adobe Analytics Service [Add API] in Developer Console


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I am in the developer console trying add an API for Adobe Analytics. When I log in that service is not available to me. Can someone please tell me the steps involved it getting this access? I need to provide the steps to the person who has system admin rights. Attaching screenshot. Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 1.49.17 PM.png   

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@user00758  Can you see if this helps: https://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/using/manage-developers.html. It has the detailed steps. To summarize, the System Admin needs to be go to adminconsole.adobe.com and navigate to the "Users" tab from the top nav. Find your user. Click on it. Click on 3 dots next to Developer Access and edit -> add all the required Analytics product profiles -> save the changes.


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Hey @user00758 


As an administrator, the Admin Console enables you to create and manage developer accounts. When you add developers to product profiles on the Admin Console, you provide these developers with the access privileges to create API credentials (on Adobe I/O). Also, on Adobe I/O, developers can associate the API credentials they create with product profiles, but only the product profiles to which the developer has access.

When API calls are made from the API credentials that developer creates, these calls executed with the API credentials of the associated product profiles.


The Developers tab of a product profile allows you to add developers to that product profile.

  • Click the desired product in the left rail.

  • Select a product profile (or create one, if required) from the list and go to the Developers tab.

Click Add Developer in the upper-right corner.



  • Enter a name or email address. You can search for existing users or add a user by specifying a valid email address, and filling the information on the screen.


  • Click Save.

    The developers are added to the selected product profile.