Fallout / Fallthrough: How to get the real report for the NEXT HIT



A question has been asked for a long while, but I guess it's too long to read.

So, let me make it simple:

I made a easy way to verify the answer:

From Hit Depth =3 next Hit to Hit Depth=4

get the fall-out, fall-through report for 2 touch point(right hand side reports)


May I know how to create segment or anyway to remove "hit depth 1" from all report?

Since I only want to get the real immediate NEXT HIT.

For example: the fallout 3 > 4 should be "no result" since the segment contains all NEXT HIT from 3 to 4.

As the fallout report explains:


But from the test made at beginning, "Hit Depth 1" is included as well, so the report is not giving a "immediate hit".

If it is set correct, we can easily understand:
Where user goes after made a search but not click on the result?

Or, if there is any method can make above target reported, please kindly provide your idea.

Thank you.


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