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Different Numbers with different Interface languages in Adobe Analytics


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Hi folks,


maybe someone discovered the same or a similar issue within Adobe Analytics.

If i am using a virtual report suite (segmented by 2 different evars), i receive different numbers, depending on which language i chose for my Adobe Analytics language.

This is what i see with language english: 


This is what i see if i change the language in AA to german:



I'm scared to check on other languages.

Any ideas on this?



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Eek, that doesn't look good... 


Quick question, because you are looking at "This Month" is it possible the difference in numbers is simply from more traffic was processed between loading the first language and then loading the second?


What happens if you look only at past data?


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Yeah, gives me a very uncomfortable feeling in terms of trust in data.


At least, i have the non-vrs to check on the "truth" of data.

Even if look on past data, the difference persists.

Meanwhile i also checked spanish and french, here i receive the same numbers as in english.


Arount 9 Years ago, i discovered a similar issue in report builder. in that case some combinations of dimension haven't been available in german language - this was the point i chose to proceed in english. 

But having different numbers based on my chosen language is on another level...


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I agree, and I absolutely think that should be filed as a bug with Client Care!


There should be no difference in data based on selected language.


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Answer from Adobe Client Care:

Works as designed. Root Cause is, that "unspecified" is translated into german "nicht angegeben", thus having a segment including "unspecified" will lead to different results on switching the languages.


From my point of view technically perspicuous, nevertheless not very intuitive.


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Errrr... the "All Visits" segment is their segment.... unless you have another segment in play at the panel level.


Regardless, "All Visits" should be including unspecified regardless of the language... It doesn't have any filters for unspecified to begin with....