Create workspace project which contains segment and prop data in one form



Within our Adobe Analytics, we have created the following data within the reports to be tracked:

pageurl (prop7)

pageurl (evar7)

These contain all URLs which were clicked to access the tracked website.

Now, I have also created a segment (in table below called "Short-URLs") which contains all short URLs which make then a redirect to the target URL.

Example: The segment contains and (which then redirects to

We only want to know how often our promoted short URLs are clicked.

Unfortunately, when creating a project in the workspace with this segment, I get no results. I have tried to combine it with the pageurl (prop7), but I couldn't find any set up possibility to get results which can be then sent automatically every month

I'd like to have a table like this:

Segment "Short-URLs"

I prefer the workspace more than the data warehouse because the sent reports are much prettier.

EDIT: When I combine my segment with occurences, I can only see the total number for all clicked URLs within this segments, but no details for each URL.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




i think you can‘t get the information based on the data you mentioned.

what we use in similar cases is a redirect which adds a campaign-trackingcode to the url, e.g.


redirect to

this way you can make a segment based on the tracking code (or your existing URL prop or evar) and know, how many visits came by using the redirect.

hope that helps

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Correct - redirect pages cannot be tracked as they will not be shown in the browser long enough for a tag to fire. urs.boller​'s tip to use a query parameter to identify the redirect is the best practice.