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Classification Rule Builder REGEX


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I've been told by my Email company that I cannot use a colon delimiter  " : " as they are “unreserved” characters not safe to use as URL Parameters.


Is there anything else I can put in the REGEX that can replace that?  I was given an example of using "~" I cannot seem to get it to work though.  Example would be




Would this work?

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I'm not quite clear on what your question is. You can swap out the colon with any of a number of characters, including the tilde (~) or an underscore (_), for example, but you'd be doing that in the actual tracking code that gets included in your links/URLs. Then, in the Classification Rule Builder, you'd update your regex to look for the new/alternate delimiter (~, _, etc) instead of the colon.

Perhaps if you can provide more context, someone here can provide more specific, helpful guidance.