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Check persistence of eVar on next Page in Workspace


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I have two pages : Page1 and Page2.


On Page1, eVar1 could have any of these values : 


s.eVar1 = "Proposed"

s.eVar1 = "NotProposed"


On Page2, eVar1 is not set again.


eVar1 is set to expire after visit, allocation most recent.


I want to calculate the following :

  • Pass Rate from Page1 to Page2 with eVar1 = "Proposed" 

Is this actually possible in Workspace ?


Can I create 2 segments : 


Segment1 :

Page = Page1 & eVar1= "Proposed" (Hit)


Segment2 :

Page = Page2 & eVar1 = "Proposed" (Hit)


And divide the number of visits in Segment2 on Segment1. Does that work ?


Any help would be appreciated.


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Level 1

Can you confirm what your looking for. Sounds like you want to know the percentage of visits to Page1 where a user with an eVar1="Proposed" goes on to page2. If so, then see below. If not, please clarify. 



Page = "Page1" & eVar1 = "Proposed" 


Page = "Page2" & eVar1 = "Proposed" 


Divided by 



Page = "Page1" & eVar1 = "Proposed" 



Hope that helps.


Level 2
Yes that is exactly what I want. But I need to mention that eVar1 is not assigned on Page2, it is only assigned on Page1. Your segment will work nonetheless ?