Can't view any report suites

davidb80517070 12-03-2019

For my internship I have to make one or multiple report suites. There is one problem though, which is that I can't view the report suites of my organisation.

I've just managed to create one and save it. My manager can see the report suite in the list of all report suites. I can't view the list at all. Is this a known bug? My manager has given me all rights (including Web Service Access & All Report Access) to test and get it to work, but to no avail.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Web Service Access lets you do things like authenticate with Adobe Launch or Power BI. All report access means that for the report suites that you have permissions to, you can access all the reports in them.

Report suite permissions must be explicitly given. As Karandeep said, work with your manager (who from the sounds of it has admin permissions) to get permissions to the other report suites.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)


In case if you are not able to see any report suite (created by you or anyone else) in Adobe Analytics, I would also see if the product profile (having all the permission and report suite) is added within your user name It looks you only have default access. You may want to  do the following:

1. Ask admin user to add report suite created by you in the product profile you already have permission.

2. Ask admin to add product profile (having all the permission) with in your user name.

3. Ask admin to give you admin permissions.



If you cannot see all the report suite that mean you do not have access for all report suites. Please check with your manager, for what all report suites he has given an access to you.


Karandeep Singh