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Calculated Metric - Return Total Visits of pages where a specific event happened


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Hi all, 


I would like to build a calculated metric that checks if a specific event was triggered or not, then return the total number of visits of the pages where the event was triggered. 


To clarify, I do not want the number of visits where the event was triggered, I want total page visits. 

Example: A page could receive 3k visits where a button was clicked in only 1k visits, so I do not want the 1k, I am interested in the 3k. 


Is there such a way we could do that using calculated metrics? 


Thanks in advance. 


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I'm sorry, I am not quite understanding... You just want the visits where Page A was visited (i.e 3K visits)... I don't understand what logic you then need in regards to the button (i.e. 1K visits with button clicks) this seems completely unrelated to your segmentation. If you are tracking button clicks, and have a segment pulling back the 3K visits to the page, the overall clicks will be limited to those visits by the nature of the segment.


Now, if your end goal is to create some sort of calculated rate... ie. 1K clicks / 3K Visits = 33.33% click rate, you can just create segments that stack on each of those columns (Visits - stacked with the Visit "Page A" segment; and Clicks - if needed stacked with another segment that looks at Visits on "Page A" with a Click) and create your division calculated metric from those.... 


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Hi Jennifer, 


I have some pages within the help portal where users are able to call us & I would like to calculate the calls ratio to the total visits happening to those pages. 


i.e. This month, we received 200 calls from 10 pages. and those 10 pages have happened to receive 3k visits. 

And I do not have any dimension or segment that can be used to filter by those 10 pages. So when calculating the ratio, I would like the calculated metric to check this condition, you received 200 calls from this list of pages, and overall visits is xyz so that means the 200 / 3000? 


Is it possible to create a calculated metric to give me this ratio? 


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I do not have any dimension or segment that can be used to filter by those 10 pages

I don't understand why you cannot create a segment for those 10 pages... 


But let's look at the 200/3000 part of this.... if you already can see 300 Visits (using the Visits metric and some criteria to identify "help" pages), and you have 200 Calls (I am assuming identified by a custom eventX when a call is made)


In order to get your call rate, build out a freeform table with Visits as 1 column (you may need to apply a stacked segment on this column), and a "Calls" column:








Select both columns, right click, choose "Create Metric from Selection", then select "Divide":



You will want to modify this new calculated metric to change the display from Decimal to Percent, and you may want to change the name (also, if you columns are in a different order in your table, you may need to adjust the division to be in the correct order in the calculated metric):




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The idea behind not creating a segment with 10 pages is basically building a solution which is scalable and that I do not have to update the segment whenever the call option is added to other pages. I really appreciate your efforts and the time it took you to create the screenshots, but I am looking for much more advanced calculated metric. 

Thanks anyways! 


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Why don't you trigger a custom event on pages where the "call" button is displayed... so lets use event10 as an example...


If the call button is present, on the page view set s.events="event10"..... this would represent page views where the call button has an impression...


Assuming that "calls" are recorded in event9, then you can simply create a calculated metric "calls event9 / Call Impressions event10"


This will be completely scalable with no need to change segments.



There is no way to determine pages with elementX without adding tracking to that effect.. you cannot make a calculated metric do anything like a backwards lookup saying "if I have a call on Page X, then all Page X Visits should be included" Adobe cannot do that... 


And even if it could, if a call button wasn't on a page, then was added later, such logic would start including the page before any impressions were ever made and it would throw off your calculations....


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Agree with @Jennifer_Dungan on this.  If you want a "rate" based metric for the calls, then simply create an event that fires when the visitor clicks the "call" CTA.  Then, create a ratio metric called "Call Click Ratio" where [# of call clicks] ÷ [visits]