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Breaking Down same evars from different network call in one page load


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Hi All,


If I have a page where I want to track

1. button panels

2. radio button


I basically track both every time a customer interact with it. So in a single page load, user can click button 1 and button 2 before going to the next page.


Then 2 network call will appear using the same eVar with different name. e.g.
eVar2 = "button panels 1 pressed"

eVar2 = "radio button 1 pressed"


How am I able to get a reporting where I can see how many people selected button panel 1 AND radio button 1 ?


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You can use the eVar2 Instances metric. E.g. if your eVar2 is named "Customer interaction", then this metric is called "Customer Interaction Instances". An instance is a count of the number of times that the eVar had been set with a value, and does not count any subsequent persistences. So in your case, since your eVar2 is tracked when the user clicks the button panel or radio button, then the eVar2 instance returns the count of those clicks.


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Thank you for the response @yuhuisg , but if I wanted to correlate eVar2 for clicks to eVar2 for the other value, is that not possible? is that mean I need to either capture those 2 values in 1 eVar without using breakdown in analysis workspace?


so for example instead of doing:

eVar2 = "button a clicked"

eVar2 = "radio button b also selected"


I should do
eVar2 = "button a clicked | radio button b also selected"


Is this right? I was just under the impression that breakdown in workspace can help this out .


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@FelixAgung102 you can't correlate multiple values in the same eVar. "Breakdown" refers to breaking down each value of one eVar by another eVar's values. However, you can use sequential segments to segment out those users who clicked a button, then selected radio button B. Then you can build your reports with that segment being applied.