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Allocation Setting and Expiration Setting for Merchandizing Evars set to different values throughout the day


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Hi All,


I have the following requirements:


  • Track the position of the listing impression on the Search Page and tie it to different events which might be on the same search page and/or the next page(product detail page). I have multiple events on the product detail page.
  • I am passing the position of the listing as a merchandizing evar and setting the impression event in the product syntax on the search page.
  • Now this impression position can change throughout the day for different users or change within the same visit for an indiviadual user.
  • I need to capture when any of the events(impression, prodView) occur, what was the position of the listing.
  • Or in other words, I need to tie the position to impression event every time the listing has impressed on the search page, and I need to tie the position to prodView event IF someone clicks on the listing and gets to the product detail page(I am setting the Product ID through product syntax method here).

My question is - Can I set this merchandizing evar as:

Merchandising : Product Syntax

Allocation : Most Recent

Expire After : Visit


If I do the above, what happens in the following scenario:


Time                     Evar Value                      Event

9:00 AM.                 5                             Impression

9:10 AM.                10                           Impression, prodView

9:20 AM.                15.                          Impression, prodView


Will it be(desired outcome):


Time.                    Event.                                        Attributed to Evar Value

9:00 AM.              Impression                                   5

9:10 AM.             Impression, prodView                  10         

9:20 AM.             Impression, prodView                  15


Or will it be:


Time.                    Event.                                       Attributed to Evar Value

9:00 AM.             Impression                                    15

9:10 AM.             Impression, prodView                   15         

9:20 AM.             Impression, prodView                   15


What is the right way to set it, given the desired outcome?


Thank you all in advance for you valuable inputs


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Community Advisor

If you want the desired outcome, then I suggest that you use "Linear" as your eVar's Allocation. See https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/admin/admin-tools/manage-report-suites/edit-report...

Your eVar's Expiration can be left as "Visit". Or you could use "Purchase", if you are very confident that a user will purchase within the same visit.