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Adobe Analytics Staging Environment: Data Sending to Report Suites


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Hello Adobe Analytics Community, we are conducting UAT for Adobe Analytics implementation. We are progressing with verification in the staging environment. While in the production environment, data was sent to multiple report suites, it seems that in the staging environment, data is only being sent to a single report suite. We checked the "reportSuiteIds" item for the websites in both the production and staging environments using a debugger tool.


The "isMultiSuiteTagging" item was set to "true" in the production environment, whereas it was set to "false" in the staging environment. Could this setting be affecting the control over where data is sent to report suites? If it is related, how should we change it?


I appreciate any guidance or resources you can provide, including links to support documentation that might help clarify these processes.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Hi @AkiSeki , Can you check if you have configured report settings in your Adobe Analytics extension with list of RSIDs(multiple entries should be present)? 

If you are using legacy implementation, you have to specify the report suites id in comma separated format. i.e. (rsid1,rsid2,rsid3)

Detailed info can be found here:- 





Hope this is helpful.