Adobe Analytics hit on lifeRay CMS (Localhost testing)



Hello to the Adobe Analytics community !

The IT team is developing a website in a technology called as Liferay.
As per my understanding, this is a Content Management System which allows you to created web pages in a much simpler way.

I have shared the Adobe header and footer code and following steps have been completed:

1. implemented header and footer code in <head> and <body> tag respectively

2. datalayer object is created for load of home page

Current Scenario while testing the above:

When we load home page

1. header code is executed correctly. Tested: in console we typed '_satellite'

    which returned _satellite object.

2. datalayer object is created by the IT team. Tested: in console we typed

    'window.dtm_datalayer' which returned the object with all the values

3. we are unable to get the Adobe tag(image pixel) in Omnibug/ Network tab of

    browser developer tool

Since I am unaware of Liferay technology, I am not able to find the reason behind this error.

Could it just be that the Localhost is unable to send information to Adobe ?

Or maybe just a problem in the DTM conditions for out All pages tag ?

i will be very grateful to the community if someone has any liferay Feedback !

Cheers !

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Out of curiosity is liferay being leveraged with a Single page app environment like Angular?

If so your issue is related to the Single age app not firing on new visitor state of pages. The routing in essence only fires once then as they move around no new page beacons fire. If its angular like then you should look at using Direct call rules so as users "navigate' between page states then you get expected beacons firing.


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Answers (2)



Thanls pabloc82923542

Yes, it was a problem of virtual pages and single page applications.

We manage to find the problem in our conditions, since our All page Rule is an event rule configured on a "Change Dataelement" event. The dataelement was not changing since they forgot this part on the datalayer (Page number)...

Thanks for the help !




Hi, it sounds like your DTM isn't configured probably and to test it out, try calling "s.t()" or "" in the console after page load and see if you get a call in the network tab. If you do then you definitely have a DTM problem and if you don't you probably still have a DTM configuration issue.