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Adobe Analytics Does Not Register a Fired Event


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Hello, Community!


Today, I have a question regarding an event I've observed on my network. It appears to be triggering, but when I check Adobe Analytics, I can't find any record of this event. Strangely, I do see other events that are part of the same rule, and they are being counted correctly.


What's even more perplexing is that sometimes I can spot the event, but it only registers when it's sent from a smartphone is for that, that we can also see 16 but not the 10000 visits that we normally have.


For your reference, there aren't any processing rules set up in the report suite, so I'm unsure why I'm receiving data for this event but not seeing it reflected in Adobe Analytics.


Thank very much for your help!


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Community Advisor and Adobe Champion

Looking at your screenshots, the first one showing the different props and evars, prop10 has the name "staging" in the url. Have you checked to make sure the data is being directed to the right report suite? (staging, dev, or production) That would be my first suggestion to check.


Second, I would go into the evar settings for the report suite and make sure it is enabled and visible everywhere. 


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Hello Mandy,

I've already confirmed that the report suite is correctly set up, and it's being sent to the appropriate report suite. I believe I should send you some screenshots from the tests I conducted on a staging website. In addition, I'm including another screenshot for your reference. You will also find a screenshot of the event configuration in the report suite.