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YOY Change by Week


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Today there does not seem to be a way to show the % change by a time dimension.  Below is a snapshot of a table that shows Year to Date (and Year to Date Last Year) Visits by week.  We need another column that shows the % change for each week. 

I worked with Customer Care and they pinged several supervisors to help, but unfortunately it seems as though there is no viable solution (other than pull it out of the tool and do it in excel). 

The goal is to be able to provide this to teams so they can view as needed and eliminate manual work for our analytics team to do this in excel and send it out. 




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Long term, you could add an eVar that captures the week of the year as a numeric value. That will take a couple years to become useful though.

Short term, there is a manual workaround..

If you create date ranges for each week of this year and last year, you can then create a segment for each week of the year.


Then use that in your table with your metrics filtered by "this year" and "last year."


The percent change metric is based on the year, but the segment filters the totals to just the applicable week.


You'll have to manually build each segment, but you can build the entire year table ahead of time.

I haven't figured out a better way to order segments in a table.. what I do here is use a calculated metric of just a static number and order the table by that metric. Then the order that you drag the segments into the table is the order they stay in and it doesn't reorder by your visits metric. I left the "ordering" metric visible here, but you can adjust the table to almost completely hide it.



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Thanks!  We actually already have a custom dimension that captures week number, but it doesn't sequence in order in the table, so the only way it is useful is if it is exported into another tool where I can order it properly.  Hopefully this is something Adobe will create functionality for.  I think it would be really helpful for a lot of people!