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Workspace Management - Adding folders and sharing by folder


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One of the challenges that we are facing is the large number of Workspaces that are created and shared with various groups in our organization. We have them for releases, product launches, marketing initiatives, so on and so forth. With the complexity of what we're looking at creating a couple of Workspaces that can accommodate what we're looking at just isn't possible.

A feature that I would like to see implemented to make life easier for our analysts is to have folders that Workspaces can be put into, then have the ability to have those folders shared to a group of people since only Admins can share Workspaces to a Group.

I currently have nearly a hundred Workspaces that I have built or had shared with me. Having the ability to organize them quickly and easily would be a huge benefit for me and the teams we support.

Currently, we are creating index Workspaces that have links to other Workspaces in an effort to get around needing to share Workspaces with large numbers of people every time and it is just an extra layer of complexity to trying to manage all of the work we're doing.