Workspace Fallouts - delta between steps doesn't match the total in Breakdown table



Workspace shows a delta between Fallout visualization steps that does not match the total visits in the Fallout Breakdown report generated directly from the Fallout visualization. ClientCare had AES explain to me that the delta between steps in the Fallout visualization includes site exits and the Fallout Breakdown table does not. I can't imagine why it would be good for these two visualizations to differ. Analysts at my client immediately had a problem with this. My proposal is to have the Breakdown table match the delta between fallout steps.

Fallout Breakdown Issue - 1


Fallout Breakdown Issue - 2

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I think the Fall Out report excludes metrics that skipped the previous step. Thus when looking at step 2 the metric count should be lower than when looking at a page report because visits that skipped the previous step will be counted there.  You can try creating a segment that excludes visits that deep link further into the funnel and see if that makes the two reports consistent.