Workspace: Add sort options to left rail search results

Antti_Ko 19-03-2017

Now it feels that variables are displayed in random order when using search. Would be helpful if we could filter results (no matter is it variable or segment or whatever) alphabetically:

asomething (eVar4)
bsomething (eVar56)
csomething (eVar13)


ecalculated metric

…and so on.

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KristiB1 19-03-2017

I agree!  The serach function is random and erratic.  Eg.


Searching for "eVar 2" you would expect it to return evar 2 first, this doesnt happen. Lieklwise "event1" does not return event1 as the first result.  Searching for names of variables produces equally erratic behaviour.


A combination  of logical result and alphabetically would be very helpful

Antti_Ko 19-03-2017

Great to hear you agree! 

I did several other idea requests how Adobe could make the search better, those include everything you commented. Smiley Happy


What sorting methods would be most helpful to have in the left rail? Please add your comments below!

Balaji_V 12-08-2019

Variables in Numeric order and Segments in Alphabetical order - will be easy to search/scroll