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Weekday/Weekend Alerts: Weekday filtered alerts emails should be sent only on weekdays, same for weekends.


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Description - In Alerts, weekday filter alerts email should be sent on weekdays and weekends filter alerts email should be sent on weekends

Why is this feature important to you - Monitoring the daily data on weekdays and weekends

How would you like the feature to work - In weekday filter is applied in an alert, if the alert is triggered on weekend the alert email should not be sent for the weekend. Same thing for the weekends filter, if the alert triggered on the weekday then the email should not be sent for the weekday. In brief, weekday filtered alerts should be sent on weekday only and weekend filtered alerts should be sent on weekends only.

Current Behaviour - for the weekday filters, if the alert is triggered on weekend, then the email is sent with the data as ZERO.



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You can create this today:


First create a segment for "Weekday" traffic:



Then create a custom calculated metric that uses an IF statement to check if there is any data during the weekday so you can use the metric you are creating an alert on (in this example, Page Views) and for Non-Weekday (i.e. Weekends) override the value with a static number that won't trigger your alert:



Let's look at the result as a table:


(The weekends are highlighted yellow, and you can see that their values are overwritten by the static value)


Now, create an alert using this new calculated metric:





The reason you are getting the behaviour you are getting is because you are filtering out the weekend data completely, resulting in 0.. which then will always trigger your alert... you need to force the data on weekends to a value that won't trigger... so you just need to do a few extra steps.


This is actually an extension of the some of my Smarter Alerts tips that I presented at Summit this year... the recording isn't yet up.... but this should link once it is: https://business.adobe.com/summit/2023/sessions/2023-adobe-analytics-rockstars-top-tips-and-tricks-s...



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But the condition only works when there's an occurrence for that metric, if there's no occurrence, it will show the static number you created in "value_if_false".

What if we want to capture alerts for those 0 (abnormal behavior) for weekdays? I've tried putting another function as "less than", but it doesn't seem to work. 


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@wei_sui in most cases, there should be at least 1 hit in the hour/day for your rule... but yes, in the case of small sites with less stable traffic or a complete failure of tracking, you can do the opposite.. it's a little harder to explain, because its essentially built like a double negative.. but the same principal applies.


Instead of creating a weekday segment, create a weekend segment.

Now in your calculated metric, look for occurrences on weekends.. if true, then use a static number, in the false condition, set your value.


Now, if the value drops below the threshold, or goes to 0, it will still trigger.


But you run the risk of potential false emails on the weekend (if traffic falls to 0).


There's always going to be some potential for failure... no alert system is going to be 100%...  



You could potentially build some even more complex logic by nesting if statements... Adobe doesn't have IF..THEN...ELSE statements, only IF... 


But you can essentially create "else" logic by nesting a second IF inside either the true or false statements to create another check with its own true/false. You can nest as many times as you need (just be careful to make sure things are nested properly, as a few levels deep can start to get hard to read.



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Hi jennifer,

I have a similar issue while setting alerts that trigger hourly when visits = 0 and during the night hours they trigger (almost) each time.


I noticed that there's no way to identify night hours with no visits It seems a bit odd that this isn't a native feature from Adobe.


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Hi @ryzen_ you can use a similar behaviour to the Weekend / Weekday logic using the Hour of Day.


You can create segments container bounding "hours of the day"


just like the Weekend / Weekday segment... so that in off hours of the day, you can force a minimum fake value to avoid overnight drops in traffic.