virtual report suites in SiteCatalyst 15



What about the ability to create a "virtual" report suite by admins? This would be a segment of a real report suite and would allow admins to handle user management etc. the same way as for real suites and the user would easily access their slice of data.

e.g. you have a single suite for your site but this covers 5 countries who just care about their own stats. Creating 5 virtual suites and limit the users to it should ease their work.

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I need this too. It would work as ASI slots did in v14. 



CBS are desperate for this or similar feature. Ideally would like this implemented in such a way that we do not have the 24hr lag that ASI segments had perviously. It would be great to create a segment and simply specify a virtual report suite name and have the full permissioning around that report suite that we have with a standard reports suite.


Couple of use cases we have :- 

1) We have contract bloggers who we only want to provide information around their specific stories published not the whole site.


2) Sometimes we do specific partnerships where we would like to give direct access to a third party to review a slice of our stats.


3) It would be cool to create a report suites that represented multiple report suites or horizontal slices of data rather than relying on users selecting segments.