UX - Show numbers for participation metrics rather than percentages



Currently when you load a participation metric onto a sitecatalyst report, the data column for the metric shows percentages and then numbers in parentheses.

This confuses our users and is inconsistent with the display of non-participation metrics, which show numbers and then percentages in a second column.


Could you normalise the UX for both types of metric so that they both show absolute numbers in the same font, size and position?

This would go a long way towards making these reports usable.


Currently it is very difficult to compare pariticpation and non participation metrics. The attached example is a report showing form signup participation against visits to specific forms. Since visits aren't a participation metric, it's very hard to visually compare the two numbers with the current UX.

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Please change all graphs to default to "show numbers" rather than "show percentages." I think this request is broader than just participation metrics. Please apply this change to the default setting for all trended graphs. Thanks!