Usage of analysis workspace in logs

bill71523 06-06-2016

In the logs we can monitor the use of the Adobe Analytics reports (who does what). We however don’t see any information about the Workspace Analysis usage.
It would be great to have this feature, so we get insight about the workspace that have been shared. This way we can monitor which workspace are used and which aren't. This will improve the data driven mentality within the company

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benjamingaines2 07-06-2016

This is absolutely something that we need to get done. Thanks for bringing it up. 

shilpanicodemus 12-01-2017

Looks like this has been implemented, at least partially?  I'm able to see when a specific workspace project was created, updated, shared, unshared, or deleted.

bill71523 12-01-2017

What you are seeing was already there when i brought up this idea.

What I mean is more like event "Pages Report viewed" for the projects.

Then you can see if created dashboards were used.

peetea 03-04-2017

F##k please!

benjamingaines2 04-04-2017

@ruminate Sorry, did your account get hacked or...? Can we help? 

joshh24103783 17-05-2017

Absolutely need this


We added "Project Viewed" as a log event, in addition to other existing events (Project Created, Project Deleted, etc). Usage Log Tracking for Analysis Workspace - YouTube

Additionally, we've been sharing a tip about how to conduct Usage analysis in Analysis Workspace, using the log data. Learn more here