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Update Bounce rate definition


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I look the the figures linked to a specific page and I'm surprised to see that the bounce rate on this page is 100%. So I understand that clients that see this page always left.

When I clicked in the info bubble of the metric, I see this definition about Bounce Rate :

If I look for the calculation of the formula on the Adobe Website (https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/analytics/technotes/ga-to-aa/processing-differences#:~:te....):


So regarding to this last formula, the Bounce rate is ok but the definition of the metric in the tool is confusing for the end users because it's different (Bounces/Visits vs Bounces/Entries).
So may I suggest you to adapt it.
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The definition leaves a little to be desired doesn't it?


We don't even use the standard Adobe Bounce or Bounce Rate, since Adobe calculates a Bounce based on a "single hit per Visit", as opposed to the more often globally used definition of "single page view per Visit"


Since there are often other hits on a page (whether it be tracking modal overlays, or interactions with Cookie Policy controls, or allowing Notifications, etc), if the user leaves after the one page, we want that to count as a bounce... and it doesn't in Adobe's metrics.


Because we use our own calculated metric (Single Page Visits / Entries), I hadn't seen those descriptions you pointed out.. but I can absolutely understand how that would cause confusion.


Even if the Data Dictionary allowed us to over-write the descriptions of standard components, that would be extremely helpful.


Anyway, you have my vote!