Turn OFF anomaly detection by default

katynorris 22-01-2020

Each time I create a graph, I take an extra step to remove the anomaly bubbles as we have very few reports/scenarios in which they apply or are helpful. Maybe 1%? I would be very, very grateful if there were a toggle somewhere to turn OFF anomaly detection by default. Or perhaps Adobe could explore turning them off for everyone and see if you get any complaints. 🙂 

My company is in media, so our metrics fluctuate significantly based on content available -- NBA Games, Star Wars, etc. etc.

@jenlasser, pretty please 🙂 



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analytics_union 22-01-2020

I disagree. Anomaly detection is very helpful in some cases, e.g. travel, ecommerce.


can't you just change permission in the product profile for users who shouldn't see the anomaly detection?

Sondre1234 29-01-2020

I agree with this suggestion. A toggle for on/off by deafult would be great. I find that I rarely use the anomaly detection and when i need to I would prefer to just turn it on for that graph/table. It also seems to require a lot of computational power with its crunching which is processing power that could be used better elsewhere.

katynorris 03-02-2020

That's a good idea re: turning it off in permissions, but that's still a lot of hassle. Would prefer a simple default toggle since it seems liek for some users it is helpful, and for others, it's just extra work for the Adobe servers to provide information that's actively not wanted.