Total Seconds metric availability on Report Builder

mps20216 10-03-2015

Currently in Report Builder there is no 'Total Seconds Spent' metric available, and believe that this is a key metric and should be available. ‘Total Time Spent' is not the same metric and uses a different calculation unfortunately.


I think the more crossover there is between the Site and Report Builder the better.

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benjamingaines2 17-03-2015

@mps: Thank you for submitting. I am working with our engineering team to figure out why this isn't offered, and what it would take to offer it. 

mps20216 17-03-2015

Thanks! Would be really useful metric to have if possible


This should now be available. It is called Total Seconds Spent

Srinivasan_Ramasamy 06-02-2020

is Total Seconds Spent metric is available now in report builder?