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Text Box when sharing workspace projects


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Description - Create an open text box that would allow you to add a note when sharing a workspace project in Adobe Analytics

Why is this feature important to you - Not all users are experts, having the ability to add a note when sharing projects, especially to novice or business user would help provide context

How would you like the feature to work - An option text box would appear when you go to share your project. Any text you add to the box would then be delivered in the email or notification to the user(s) who are getting the project shared with them

Current Behavior -No option exists for in experience notes. You have to copy the link to the project and then send via email if you want to provide any additional context 



Employee Advisor


We offer a couple ways to do this today:

  • Text boxes are available in the left visualization rail and can be added anywhere in the project. They allow you to add freeform notes and many of our customers add them to the top of their project to introduce it to end users. 
  • In addition, when scheduling a project, you can add notes to the description field in the scheduler and they will be included in the body of email.
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