'Smart' auto alerts to flag sudden changes in site performance

james_wawne 29-04-2010

A module that the admin can use - perhaps by selecting checkboxes - to enable auto alerts which self configure based on std variance or std deviation to identify big changes on top engagement/performance metrics (Error page volumes/ entry page % and or bounce rate by page/traffic channel % entry and or bounce rate/conversion etc.)

Obviously admin can go through and configure all this manually - but it would be better if there was a mechanism by which this could be set to auto configure and or learn in the first instance and then be tweaked as necessary - perhaps on the basis of a sensitivity meter that the admin could set for standard deviation or similar for each group of metrics.

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jnarong0 05-05-2010

Can't you already do this using standard alerts? You can create custom metrics for the various "engagement/performance" metrics you listed.

james_wawne 05-05-2010

Hi Jon,


Yes you can manually configure everything (as I alluded to in the second paragraph of my original post)


However, this is a labor intensive process that everyone has to undertake - hence configurable auto alert functionality, across the most obvious/important metrics, could save everyone a considerable amount of time.


Intelligent alert functionality should do the trick: Intelligent Alerts overview