SiteCatalyst Timestamp Improvement

ericmatisoff1 18-12-2012

I have a few ideas for Timestamp in SiteCatalyst:

  1. Allow this setting to be done in the Admin Console. Relying on ClientCare doesn't seem necessary since Timestamp capability is not a contract-based feature.
  2. Why have a Timestamp setting at all? 🙂  Allow SiteCatalyst Report Suites to accept both tags that don't have Timestamps (and process them immediately) or tags that do have Timestamps. Why only 1 or the other?

Thanks - that's it!

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pfg51073 05-04-2013

I couldn't agree more!  Suggestion #2 is probably more complicated to implement, but couldn't you do #1?  Almost all of our report suites need to be timestamp enabled, which means that every time I create a new one, I have to contact ClientCare to turn on timestamps before I can use it.  

sdkoenig 17-12-2013

Especially topic #2 is quite important.

And it should not be to complicated. If no timestamp exists when the request hits the server add the current one...


This is now available in the admin console and we are moving to have it be on by default.