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Show the 52 weeks/ 4weeks trends also for other selected months


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every time I chose a page views report it's preset to see the trended lines for 52 and 4 weeks and the selected month (current month).


But when I chose a different month the trended lines vanish and can't be brought back anyhow.


Please change the function so I can chose if I want to see the trended lines and then for all months I have data for! not just the current /preset month.







Level 3


I totally agree with you. This is a rather big disappointment for SiteCatalyst users. For most organisations, the 52 week comparison is extremely helpful. Why shouldn't it be available on any date range you select?


Level 3


Totally agree.  This is very frustrating, especially when building dashboards.  In dashboards, it's usually essential to build in context, yet this means that I am restricted to setting up a report only for 'current month' and hence have to create my dashboards only at month ends!


We need need need to be able to activate these date comparisons manually and choose at least whether to include the standard '4 weeks prior' or '52 weeks ago', or even better choose a custom comparison to include, as in Google Analytics.