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Sequential segments


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Can we have segments where we can create a path, or like fallout report. This way we will be able to see the values of variables after a certain path was followed.


Suppose we have a user message we are getting in a prop, and then an event of say purchase.


Right now if I create a segment where I select visits where a user came across this error message and purchased, I will get a record where message came before purchase, and even the visits where message came after purchase.


But if I want to create a segment just for the cases where message came before purchase, that is currently no possible. If SC engineers can please look into this.





This is in the works for the ad-hoc analytics (Discover) component of Adobe Analytics. Sequential segments created there will be available in SiteCatalyst as well. When this releases, I will mark this idea as "Partially Implemented."




Excited to report that this functionality is now available in Discover, and sequential segments created in Discover can be used (but not edited, yet) in SiteCatalyst.