Select multiple segments in SiteCatalyst



Currently in SiteCatalyst I can select only one segment at a time. If I want to view the data by combining two or more segments, I have to define a new segment. This will be time consuming and will make the segment list too big, especially if I alreay have the three individual segments which I want to use.


e.g. I can now select segment X or segment Y or segment Z. But if I want to see XY or XZ or YZ or XYZ then I have to create all those individual segments. 

If I have a checkbox next to each segment, I can select the ones which I want and SiteCatalyst will automatically combine those segments. We can also add an AND or OR button so that the segment will be changed to X AND Y or X OR Y.


This will save a lot of time, easy to use, reduce the number of segments considerably (from 7 to just 3 in this case) and most importantly I can have all my needed combinations.

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This feature is in beta and will be released soon.



This is now available with the Adobe Analytics Spring 2014 release!