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Segmentation by Date Variable


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I need to check the performance of recently published Articles during this week.


We are passing the Article Title in to evar1/sprop1 and Article Pulish Date into evar2/sprop2. There is no way to build a segment [in SC or Discover] with a date based  rule using the custom traffic / conversion variables.  IN my case, i would like to create a segment where Publish Date is greater than [something] or - even better - Publish is within some rolling (e.g. Last Week) period.



I know  - there are no date-based variables and all sprop / evars are text. But how else can i build a report showing Article Titles, some KPIs during this week (or any other time frame) if these Articles were published during a specific (perfectly - rolling) date range?


The only possible way to pull such report is through Data Warehouse. But even with DW, i can't automate it since i have to change the segment definition for the Publish Dates each time.


So, to make the long story short :-) Could you please add some way of segmenting the date-based variables? PLease let me know if such as way is already in place!