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When I moved to SiteCatalyst 15, the list of segments available in the drop down was cluttered with segments created by several users in the Data Warehouse and Discover.  Many of these are variations on best practices with the same names as the Global segments.  Is it possible to make the segment appear only to those who created them unless they share them or users proactively add it to their list as dashboard and bookmarks are currently managed?


Is it possible to have a manager similar to the Customize Menus interface to group and toggle visibility for some users/groups?  Toggling visibility by group would be handy in Customize Menus too.


Overall SiteCatalyst v15 is amazing.  Adobe Omniture has definitely taken it to the next level.  Bravo!

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Could the segments also be tied to the report suite selected?


For example, say I made Segment A and Segment B for Report Suite And I made Segment C for Report Suite When in Report Suite, I would NOT see Segment A or Segment B - I would only see Segment C.


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Sarah, just to be clear the way this works now is: 


Segments created in Discover = available to all report suites in SC 15

Segments created in SC 15 or DW = available only to the suite on which it was created


So it sounds like we're halfway there, but your point is well-taken. 



I would like to be able to copy segments between report suites (such as dev and production), and also between users. Often I don't want to share a segment globally, but do want to 'give' it to another user, so that their dashboards, or 'Link to this reports' works properly.



So many comments, so this one may have already been mentioned.  


Something has to be done to better organize the Segment drop-down in SC15.  One long list of all the segments is unwieldy, at best.  A drop-down of the segment folders would be cleanest.  Hovering over a folder would show you the options in that folder.  Please please please.



Thanks, Benjamin! That tidbit about Segments made in Discover are available across report suites is AWESOME! Going to go try that out!!


...sorry for the delay on the 'thanks'  Smiley Happy



We are not a single site but a network of many sites.  As segmentation became available in SiteCatalyst we decided instead of using SAINTS to create segments for continents North America, Asia Pacific, EMEA and other variations.  Building these segments takes time.  We were able to make these segments globally available for all users; however, in order for us to have them in each report suite we have to re-create them for each report suite individually.  It would be really beneficial to have an opportunity to select multiple report suites while building global segments instead of a single one.  This way we would be able to have these segments available through the whole network for all users in one shut.  Thanks.





I love segmentation and the fact that segments created in Discover can be used across all my Report Suites.

However, I miss the functionality to save segments in seperate folders/groups not just via 'Manage segments' but from all views.

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We really need to be able to share segments with a group of users, without the rest of the organization seeing them.


Also, it would be great to choose which groups appear at the top of the dropdown list in SiteCatalyst, so I don't have to scroll as much.







I am very, very pleased to report that segment management is now available with the Adobe Analytics Spring 2014 release! I believe we got most of the requested features into the release; if there is something that we missed, please create a new idea and we will monitor it.