Segment Display Interface in SiteCatalyst 15



In the segment selection interface, it'd be handy if the drop down box could be split into two so that you can select the relevant folder and then pick the relevant segment. I've got hundreds of segments, some of which I rarely use which make the list really long.


It's possible that it's just me though, but I'd be interested in what the average number of segments are that each discover user has. My guess is that regular users will have a considerable number.


Failing that, a more logical sort order would be helpful. It looks to me like it's coming through in chronological order of when the folders were created or some random thing like that.


BTW - segmentation in sitecat V15 is brilliant. Just need to iron out a few issues to make it really rock.

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Yes, I would like folders for segments. We have too many. And I would like a "manage my segments" page where I can delete a bunch all at once.