Segment by IP Address Not Visible



I'm trying to create a segment with a few IP addresses from the v15 Segment Manager. I can create the segment (using IP addrress as the dimension), and see it within my available list of segments from the Segment Manager, but when try to run that segment against a report it's no longer listed as an available segment. All other previously created segments are still visible in the left-hand navigation.


Anyone else run into this issue with IP segmentation?

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This is actually by design, at the moment. Because IP address is highly cardinal -- there are likely to be far more unique IP addresses than unique visitors in your data set, it isn't supported as a dimension for segmentation in Reports & Analytics or Ad Hoc Analysis. It is supported in Data Warehouse because of its lack of restrictions on cardinality, which is why you see it in Segment Manager. This is definitely an idea we'll monitor as we continue to develop our platform. 



Yes this is very frustrating because I have no way to easily monitor IP traffic. Since I have to use Data Warehouse, this means I have an individual report to check to see if there have been an IP spikes - instead of being able to view this in my automated site health reports.