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Scheduled Reports: Uploading issues for hourly uploads


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We have scheduled reports set for each hour and we constantly have them break, receiving an email that the report contains no data. When you click the link to the report, what do you know...there is data. So, this would be the first suggestion, is there a way to improve this functionality or ensure that there is actually no data within the report, prior to sending the notificaiton.


We have had issues with scheduling the hourly uploads to our FTP site for years and it would be great if we could set the report up for multiple sites at once or if there was a data feed option that would be better utilized. The scheduled report is extremely difficult to use when you have one file name for each of your report suites, but you can't tell which hour you are setting up from the report suite manager. I honestly see more than a couple of issues associated with using scheduled reports. I would summarize the issues as:

1) Please find a way to keep the scheduled loads consistent - we hate receiving the error emails and are not able to identify exactly what feed created the problem with the current set up

2) A way to set a scheduled report up across multiple report suites - this would save a tremendous amount of time when you are creating 24-individual feeds for 10+ suites

3) A better tool that allows hourly feeds of data to upload to external sites - if there is a way to create a more reliable feed option/app that would load this data without it having to be monitored, and should something break it is easy to identify the issue.

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