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"Standardise" report suite and VRS permissions


Community Advisor


Description - Make permissions related to virtual report suite (VRS) management (create, edit, delete) be consistent with those for standard report suites.

Why is this feature important to you - To be able to create/edit/delete VRS, you need to be a (Product Profile?) Administrator. But that is a very powerful role that some organisations may be hesitant to assign to the users just to be able to manage VRS (e.g. an analytics agency/vendor user). On the other hand, you can have the necessary permissions to create/edit/delete any report suite settings and yet still be unable to manage VRS. (Just take a moment to appreciate the breadth of that discrepancy…)

How would you like the feature to work - VRS permissions are consistent with standard report suite permissions, i.e. create/edit/delete permissions, especially without the need to be a (Product Profile?) Administrator.

Current Behaviour - An Analytics user can have permissions to create/edit/delete report suite settings, including props/eVars/success events/Marketing Channels, yet be unable to create/edit/delete VRS without being added as a (Product Profile?) Administrator. (I repeat, just take a moment to appreciate the breadth of that discrepancy…)

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