"Page Views" for Conversion Reports in SC15 - Change the Naming Convention



This is a bit of naming convention disaster which is leading to some serious confusion internally.


So, background - SC15 introduced the ability to look at "Page Views" on conversion reports. For eVars, however, "page views" is actually an event that fires on page load, and will attribute back to the most recent value in an eVar. This means if an eVar isn't populated on every page, page views will not equal instances. The eVar page view is mimicking the "page views consumed" event many of us have had in place for years.


This opens up a huge potential for mis-communication. If I capture a value to both a prop and an eVar (something lots of folks still do), and then view each resulting report using "page views" as a metric, the numbers will potentially look very different, despite both appearing to use the same metric. This has already reared it's ugly head a number of times at our company.


The solution is simple - don't call it page views in conversion reports. Stick to "page views consumed" or SOMETHING that will differentiate between what a page view means throughout the rest of Site Catalyst.

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I realize this hasn't gotten much upvote love, but this really unfortunate labeling situation continues to rear it's ugly head at our company. Would appreciate some attention to this...