"Find Reports" field: Quick jump to variable by typing e.g. "eVar3", independ of its name



When you have several report suites with different names, for debugging reasons, it would be great to have a "quick jump" into a variable - independent of its name.


For example, if you want to look up the variable "s.eVar3" which is named "Gender" in your report suite and you actually don't know its name, you need to get into the report suite settings to find out how this variable is named, before you can go into that report. It would be great, if one could simply type "eVar3" in the "Find Reports" (or "c3" for example) field and hit enter to open it.


At the moment, we name the variables in ouor report suite e.g. "Gender (eVar3)", just to enable this function for us via a workaround. If it would be available per default, that would be great.