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Quick Segment Update


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Description - I have run into issues with quick segments. When copying a panel or a project, the quick segment copies over and changes on all versions of the copy when I change it. When I submitted an Adobe support ticket, it was explained that "Engineering teams have reviewed our case to find that the reasoning behind the changing segments is that quick segments operate similarly to standard segments in that once they are created they are assigned a specific segment ID. When copied, the copy of the report containing segments also ties to this same segment ID (so it's not a new segment calculated on the fly). As a result, each dashboard references the same overarching segment, so when the definition is changed in one, the change show in the other because ultimately each report is referencing a single segment ID."
I believe the most ideal way for this to function should be that when copied, a new copy of the segment is created and referenced in the new report. This would allow the user to build similar reports and panels more quickly and easily without having to rebuild from scratch in order to avoid having linked quick segments. 

Why is this feature important to you - This would help me more quickly and easily build out similar reports for different segments

How would you like the feature to work - Ideally, I could copy something with quick segments and would be able to make changes to the quick segment in the copy without affecting the original.

Current Behaviour - Changes in the copy change the original too, so I have to build from scratch.


I am attaching a link to the closed support case for further clarification https://adminconsole.adobe.com/9DB302BE53306A270A490D4C@AdobeOrg/support/support-cases/E-001053848

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Sharing segment IDs is by design... I wouldn't want a new segment to be created when I copy panels, then every time an update is made we would have to make the same change to all copies of the segment... no thank you.


A "Quick Segment" isn't much different from an Ad Hoc segment (just that one uses the segment builder) and neither appear in the components list... and public components use the Segment Builder but also become shareable segments in the components list...


I don't think making Quick Segments specifically having a different behaviour is a good idea... there is too much potential to break how regular segments share the same id, and an inconsistent behaviour is going to lead to confusion as to what behaviours happen when you use a mix of the above...



The only potential behaviour I could support would be some sort of option when duplicating a panel or visualization with segments in it, would be to provide a popup allowing people with segment rights the ability to create copies of segments during this process (and only for "Quick Segments", since Segment Builder Ad Hoc Segments are generally carefully crafted and that creator would want that logic maintained... and definitely I would be opposed to a million public components being created in the Segment List - that would be a nightmare to maintain).  But even still, I wouldn't want to be asked every time I make a copy if I want a copy of each segment... 


Sorry, but my philosophy, and how I train all users in my company, is to create a new segment for each new need (and ALL of their segments are ad hoc to keep our components list clean for standard multi-use segments)...


More than 80% of the time I will be using the same segment as-is... in the small number of cases where I need new, it's really not a lot of effort to re-create it.