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Prerendering in Google Chrome 13 - Add Support for Page Visbility API


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In the latest Chrome browser versions a page may be fully loaded and rendered (incl. SiteCatalyst code) before the user actually requests the page, which can lead to distorted engagement metrics. For example, if you search for "omniture.com" on Google, you can see in Chrome's task manager that the Omniture homepage is being prerendered in the background (screenshot attached). It would be great if Omniture would provide a JavaScript plug-in that makes use of Google's Page Visibility API (http://code.google.com/intl/fi/chrome/whitepapers/pagevisibility.html) to deal with this issue.

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This has become a very prolific issue with various ad campaigns, namely Snapchat ad impressions that track as page views due to preloading or pre-rendering. Although there are many write-ups around the interwebs to manually implement the Page Visibility API, my concern is that this could break or require on-going maintenance in a TMS for any number of different reasons (ie: single-page app framework, TMS change over, classification rule edits, etc.). Has anyone leveraged Virtual Report Suites in some capacity as a workaround?