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Option to remove 0s in Report Builder data blocks


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I would like very much to have the option of removing 0s in ReportBuilder data blocks. Today you can not avoid 0s if you have more than one metric in a data block!

It is not so convenient when creating Excel graphs as the graphs look much better without zeros.




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This would only be partially heplful (i.e. when plotting completely raw data blocks), as there is an Excel bug that prevents any cell formula from returning a value that will be treated the same way as a truly empty cell by the chart functions.


I once found a bizarrely complicated workaround, recommended by an Excel guru, that requires you to create a named range that refers to a list of calls to the Excel "indirect" function. (The named range is then explicitly specified as the data range for a chart seires.) This does work as intended, but it is a lot of work just in order to improve the looks of a chart…


Perhaps one could create a VBA macro that automates the workaround.