Notification when new code-versions are available



Add notification when new code-versions are available in the code manager.

There is no visible indicator when new versions are added, maybe add option for admins to sign up for automated email

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I'd agree, but in addition, some idea of what has changed in a new code version would also be good, especially if it impacts on fundamental measurement issues.



Great suggestion. I know this may not be quite what you were going for here, but note that I have been blogging (and will continue to blog) about each new code release, not only providing notification but also describing the new features. Here are two examples:


At the very least, it's a start.



I am going to change this status to implemented. I think we're meeting this need via my blog posts, which you can get on RSS if you want to automate notification of new code versions. Blogging also gives us added flexibility in terms of answers questions (via comments) that multiple users may have. If anyone on this thread feels strongly that the updates need to be in the Admin Console instead, please leave a comment here and we can certainly discuss it further.



I would prefer to only receive the updates related to releases to new code versions instead of signing up for a RSS feed for all items noted on the blog.   I just want to know when the release occurs and benefits to the upgrade.   I would think this would be a simple to send out an email to the Admins when it is posted on the Help - What's New section.