Need update in Applying Multiple Segment

ashokkumarm 01-08-2019

Hi Team,

I have two different segments for Desktop and Mobile separately.

If i want cumulative data for Mobile and Desktop, i can't use these two segments because when we use these two segments adobe combining segments by AND operator as default. And we can't change it to OR operator.

Kindly provide the AND / OR option while using multiple segment.

Which avoid creating new segment. Currently our project have many segments because we can't change the operator in multiple segments.



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gokulprasathr33 01-08-2019

This is a good idea and its implementation very useful.

Balaji_V 02-08-2019

If this is possible, then I need not to create a new segment for combining the set of page URLs (ex: Creditcard pages segment and Personal Loan pages segment)

Simply select "AND" options and get my data ?

Helpful if you have a large number of segments