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Move email text box to intial Email Send bar on reports


Level 10


Please add the Email Text box to the initial window when sending Emails from reports. High percentage of the time we want to add some comments when sending reports to people but despite the abundant space we always have to go to the Advanced Delivery Options popup, wastes time.


This text should appear clearly at the top of the email as normal text, and before the report body itself.


Sample Layout (Green box):

Email Reports.gif



Level 1


Your idea is timely, this is something that the UXD team is currently working on as part of an initiative to improve the toolbar option area. My question is, typically how much information do you consider a "comment"? We had proposed a 150-200 character sized box on this screen (not limited). Would this be sufficient for most cases?


Also, do you ever edit the "From" field? Or are you happy with the default (you)? How about CC? Would this be a valuable field?


Level 10


Thanks Brad, of course you know the standard answers to all such questions of us i.e. "more" and "yes to all new suggestions". 


On the text I'd lean towards not limiting it short of copying War & Peace in there - many clients many different needs. The amount suggested sounds short, particularly in email DB's where you might need to make a few different points.


On the From field, sometimes do edit it if traveling, picking up mail/replies different place, etc. Nice having it there for clear confirmation too.  CC would be useful as well as remembering prior too lists to ideally pick names from. Realize this is more of a browser setting, but at times when you need to mail things to non Omniture users you end up cut-n-pasting emails from Outlook, etc.  Hard to do when out of office, etc.


Something else, at times need to send more than one report to support a given business issue. Not always appropriate to build/send a dashboard, but if there was a way to send more than one report as an email and not just as attachement?   Just another business use case for thought.


Thanks for follow-up!