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Modify XML code from API explorer


Level 2


Using the API explorer in order to retrieve a list of available elements can be long and tiresome. The API explorer can be found at https://developer.omniture.com/en_US/get-started/api-explorer


The API requires a Username and Shared secret obtained from the Omniture interface. Then one should select the following:

     API: ReportSuite

     Method: GetAvailableElements

     Environment: Select appropriate according to the RS


Using SOAP, the following XML code is generated (skipping the headers):









In many situations, however, this will not work, resulting in various error responses.


A fix is to update the generated XML, so the result is somehow similar to the following code. Here the properties 'ns1:', 'xsi_nil="true"' and 'xsi:type="ns1:string_array"' are omitted, and the tag's <return_datawarehouse_elements> and <rsid_list> are updated with content.








        **INSERT RS NAME**





This should give the correct result and can be used as breakdowns in a DW request

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